Mocca creme chantilly - The plating

creme chantilly

For my first post i've decided to go quick and dirty.

I needed a way to incorporate a chocolate crisp i found in the "The wizards cookbook" of Ronny Emborg. I didn't have much in my fridge, so it had to be simple. There was some cream and a jar of instant coffee so i decided to make a flavored creme Chantilly. In order to give the dish some color i added homegrown nasturtium petals and raspberry segments.

The photo was taken in natural light in front of a big east facing window diffused with a diy scrim. I used a Canon 7D and the 100mm macro lens.

 Check out the recipe at the end of this post.

Mocca creme Chantilly, crispy chocolate and caramelized Meringue (Serves 6 people)

Mocca creme chantilly

150 g     Whipping Cream

5-25 g   instant Coffee

20 g      Sugar

Dissolve instant coffee in cream and add sugar.

Whip the cream till it forms soft peaks.


Crispy chocolate

150 g     White chocolate (35%)

200 g    Sugar

220 g    Water

Melt chocolate on a water bath.

Mix water and sugar and cook to 145° C.

Put melted chocolate in a Kitchen Aid and mix on maximum power.

Add the sugar syrup slowly to the chocolate until it starts to crystallize and form a gravel like texture.

For a finer texture process the chocolate gravel in a food processor. 



3          Egg white

170g    Sugar

Preheat Oven to 80°C.

Whisk egg white until foamy.

Add sugar slowly and beat until soft peak is forming.

Put mixture into a pipping bag and pipe little dots on to a baking paper.

Dehydrate in the oven over night.

Caramelize with a blow torch.