Caramel poached apple, honeycomb, butter caramel balls, apple puree and dark chocolate

Its winter here in Canberra! I grew up in Switzerland where June is the beginning of summer so experiencing winter in June is utterly bizarre.  It’s freezing cold and i’m getting tortured by people posting pictures of beautiful berries and edible flowers on my Instagram feed. Time for some autumn/winter food then. I’m might be a bit late with doing an apple dish considering we officially have winter in Australia now. My excuse: I’m all confused with the seasons in this hemisphere!

I’ve been asked a lot where I bought the black plate i’ve been using in my photos lately. I bought it at Countryroad. The plate is not really a plate. It’s described as decorative/functional and runs under home decor & vases. Anyway i use it as a plate and i love the look of it but i wouldn’t use it in a commercial setting.


Caramel poached apple, honey comb, butter caramel balls, apple puree and dark chocolate

(Serves 6 people)


Caramel poached apple

    •    100g sugar

    •    200g apple cider

    •    50g white wine

    •    2 Apples (Granny smith)

Apple puree

    •    3 apples 

    •    50g sugar

    •    1 lemon

    •    cream

    •    0.5-1g xanthan gum


    •    100g sugar

    •    20g glucose sirup

    •    1 teaspoon bicarbonate soda

Dark chocolate

    •    150g dark chocolate (e.g valrhona)

Butter caramel

    •    120g sugar

    •    60g butter

    •    80g cream


Caramel poached apple

    1    Cook sugar to 150°C or until nice honey color.

    2    Add white wine and apple cider to the caramel.

    3    Simmer until caramel has fully dissolved.

    4    Peel Granny Smith Apples and use a „parisienne“ scoop to cut out little balls.

    5    Simmer the apple balls until tender.

    6    Let the apples cool down in the poaching liquid. 

Apple puree

    1    Peel and core apples.

    2    Cut the apples in to quarters and put in a heavy bottom pot.

    3    Add juice from one lemon and cook the apples covert on low heat

    4    When the apples are soft and falling apart uncover and let as much liquid evaporate as possible.

    5    Blend the apples together with the cream until smooth.

    6    If the pure is to runny add some xanthan gum until it has the right consistency.


    1    Cook glucose and sugar to 155°C.

    2    Take off heat and stir in bicarbonate soda.

    3    Put the mixture on a baking tray lined with baking paper and let fully cool.

    4    Brake the honeycomb in pieces.

Dark chocolate

    1    Temper the dark chocolate using chocolate specific temper tables.

    2    Spread flat on to acetate foil and let the chocolate set.

    3    Brake in to small pieces.

Butter caramel

    1    Caramelize the sugar until it reaches a dark honey colour.

    2    Add the cream carefully and let the caramel fully dissolve.

    3    Stir the butter in to the cream caramel mixture until fully incorporated.

    4    Let cool in the fridge and form small balls out of the mixture.