Shortbread, Crème Pâtissière, Macerated Strawberries (lemon juice and angostura bitters), strawberry-gel, meringue and bee pollen



    •    60g Sugar

    •    120g Butter

    •    180g Plain flour

Macerated strawberries

    •    4 Strawberries

    •    40g Sugar

    •    1 Lemon

    •    3 dash Angostura bitters


Strawberry gel

    •    Juice of macerated strawberries

    •    Agar agar


Crème Pâtissière

    •    0.5l milk

    •    70g sugar

    •    4 egg yolks

    •    20g corn stark



    •    3 Egg whites

    •    170g Icing sugar





    1  Combine butter and sugar and whisk until smooth.

    2  Stir the flour into the mixture and combine.

    3  Roll in between two sheets of baking paper until 5mm thick.

    4  Bake (180°C for approx. 10min) between two baking trays to keep it flat.

    5  Take out of the oven and immediately punch out circles in different sizes.

    6  Let shortbread cool down and store in airtight containers.


Macerated strawberries

    1  Cut strawberries into brunoise ( 1mm cubes)

    2  Add sugar, angostura bitters and lemon juice.

    3  Let macerate for a minimum of 30 minutes.

    4  Strain strawberries and keep the juice for the strawberry gel.


Strawberry gel

    1  Weight strawberry juice from the macerated strawberries.

    2  Add one percent of the total weight of juice in Agar agar.

    3  Boil for 2 minutes and strain into a container.

    4  Leave the juice to set in the fridge.

    5  Break the gel into small pieces and blend to a smooth gel in a food processor.

Crème Pâtissière

    1  Heat the milk until it comes to a boil.

    2  Mix sugar, egg yolks, cornflour and vanilla together.

    3  Pour the hot milk over egg mixture.

    4  Return the mixture to the pan.

    5  Stir the mixture until it reaches 85°C

    6  Strain and let it cool down in the fridge.



    1    Preheat the oven to 80°C.

    2    Whisk the egg white until foamy.

    3    Add sugar slowly while still whisking. When sugar is added,

    whisk on highest power until stiff and glossy.

    4    Pipe meringue on a tray lined with baking paper.

    5    Dry in the oven overnight or until dry.